Wednesday 20 July 2016

Importance Of Fire Protection Equipment

Proper Fire Protection Equipment selection and installation is so important. However, Fire Protection Equipment is your fail safe if a fire starts, but its best to prevent a blaze in the first place.

Everyone who owns a home, business, apartment complex or other property shares the same objective to keep the building and the people living inside safe from fire or free from danger. When you protect your home or business, you take measures in advance to defend it in case something goes wrong. In the case of fire protection, this means securing building is set up to fight with fire if any flame breaks out. Here are some important fire protection steps we can take as follows:-

1. Installation of Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors
2. Installation of Fire Suppression System

It is very much important to keep fire protection equipment systems up-to-code but what happens when they do not?? The Fire Blaze Out. These kind of events happens every year in which a lack of properly installed fire safety equipment leads to extensive damage from fires. If your business or home isn't up-to-code on all of your sprinklers, suppression systems and alarms, your business could face disastrous consequences.

The best way to avoid disastrous situations like this is to ensure that you have regularly scheduled fire equipment inspections and testing. For any fire protection equipment needs, please contact Papillon Australia Pty Ltd or Call Us at: 610397648200. We have an different range of products covering Fire Fighting Equipment and accessories.

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Monday 14 April 2014

Grab Best Nameplates | Labels | Tags Here!

Papillon is a proud Australian company and we are celebrating 25 years of business. During this time we have supplied an extensive range of quality nameplates, labels and safety signs across Australia. 
During 2012 we underwent a major upgrade in machinery, automation and technology and now offer a better priced, quality product range. 
To celebrate our anniversary we are pleased to offer our customers some big cost-saving advantages resulting from our improvements: 

                           ART WORK & TOOLING IS FREE!
  • WHY PAY MORE? We guarantee to save you a minimum of 15% on any quoted price you may have received
  • Artwork and tooling preparation costs FREE
  • Our price will remain firm for 12 months from the date of your first order, this provides savings on future orders
  • Papillon is ISO 9001 quality assured

These manufacturing improvements and celebratory offers are extended to our present and future customers. We hope to continue our record of quality products with pricing and service well into the future. Please grant us the opportunity to provide a QUOTE. We guarantee you our FULL SUPPORT at all times. If you require a complete catalog, please email us your details and we will ensure that you get a copy in the mail.  Visit : for more details.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Evolution Of Fire Fighting Equipment:


Fire Fighting is the act of extinguishing fires. A fire fighter fights to prevent loss of life or destruction of property and the environment. Fire Fighting is highly technical skill that requires professionals who have spent years training in both general fire fighting techniques & specialized areas of expertise.

Papillon Australia Pty Ltd has been part of the engineering industry since 1989. We have an extensive range of products that covering:-

·         Safety Signs & Labels
·         Powertrax- Shaft Couplings

We focus on quality products, great prices & fast delivery.

 Papillon has different FireProducts:

·         Booster Fittings
·         Branch Pipes
·         Cabinets
·         Drip Torches
·         Fire Signs
·         Fire Hoses …& many more.


Our quality design expertise across an extensive range of our products is the hallmark of our ongoing success. Call :61 (03) 9764 8200 for any fire products.

Friday 17 January 2014

Our Fire Products

Papillon has been part of the engineering industry since 1989. Our quality design expertise across an extensive range of products is the hallmark of our ongoing success. Papillon has offices and representatives located throughout the world, in London, Paris, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We have an extensive range of products covering:

Papillon has been a major supplier to the Fire Industry for over 24 years. Supplying the full range of Fire extinguisher accessories, British Instantaneous couplings and fittings, External Lug quarter turn ULC marked/listed couplings and fittings, Storz couplings and fittings, Hydrant Valves, Hydrant Boosters, Fire drip torches, Fire cabinets, Safety signs and a variety of other associated items.

Here are some of the advantages of placing your next order with us:

  1. We focus on quality products, great prices and fast delivery.
  2. We don't charge for artwork or tooling on nameplates and signs.
  3.  In order to get better prices for large quantities we allow for a Blanket Ordering System – you order the quantity you need, we store it for you, and you are only invoiced for what is delivered and when it is delivered.
Nothing to lose, ask for a quote and SAVE MONEY! Call today : 61 (03) 9764 8200